Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reading Eagle talks dogs and a poll!

The Reading Eagle is talking dogs this week:
Posted By Susan Miers Smith

The Gosselins addition of two more 'little ones' to their family isn't exactly smart
Berks County residents and television stars the Gosselins recently showed off the latest additions to their family on an episode of their show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on The Learning Channel.

TLC has a full gallery of photos of the cutie-pie German shepherd puppies they added to the family at Christmastime. Check out the episode on TLC's Web site.

I hope they fully considered the needs of German shepherd puppies before they got them.
I think sheps are great dogs. My grandparents had them when I was growing up. They're extremely intelligent and they need their minds stimulated.

However, they grow up into large dogs and in a few months they will be able to easily topple the Gosellins' eight children.

From my limited viewing of their show, Kate doesn't seem like she will take too kindly to her children getting scratched by an exuberant greeting. I know my grandparents' dog Erica accidently drew blood when she jumped up on me, more than once.

Maybe Jon and Kate Gosellin, TLC, or the trust that their western Berks estate is in, will hire a personal trainer for their dogs. That only goes so far, however. Ultimately the people living with the dog need to take control and train their dog.

Hopefully Shooka and Nala won't make an early exit from the Gosselin household.

If it were me, and of course it wouldn't be since I would have stopped with just twins, I would have chosen a dog with less maintenance (shepherds need a thorough brushing more than once a week) and one that would have topped out at no more than 40 pounds.

We are running a little Gosselin puppy poll over on, so please chime in with your own opinion.