Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long arm of the law and the show

USA Today reports that the kids could be taken off the show. If that is true, then Kate would lose the show. Who wants to see her skanky twat for 30 minutes every Monday night?

Wednesday Roundup including the regular players

Happy Wednesday one and all. We have lots of goodies today.

First- the Gosselin Divorce papers from Radar Online. Keep up to date on the progress at Montogomery County.

Next we have Jon and Kate getting remarried- remember the good ol' days. I guess it was all lies.

In Touch Kate is falling apart. (Well boo hoo for her!)

"Kate Gosselin’s husband, Jon, was out of town on June 17, and with her trusted bodyguard Steve Neild nowhere in sight, the mother of eight tried in vain to keep it together. Her face a mask of pain, Kate walked alone to the edge of her driveway, where she spoke to another security guard named Luke. “He walked Kate back to the house, and you could see that she was breaking down,” says a witness. “She started wiping the tears from her eyes.” Before long, Kate was crying, the onlooker says, adding, “Luke was comforting her.” " (I'll bet he was..... getting paid for bonking the vulnerable soon to be divorcee)

OK: Various news outlets are reporting Deanna Hummel will be part of the show when it returns. OK says no. Us Magazine confirms the the same. Reality TV World says she is.

"There are no plans to use her. We are in hiatus and all future episodes haven't even been planned," the network says in a statement."

Star Magazine: Kate's not asking for custody.
"After filing for divorce against husband Jon on Monday, Kate Gosselin released a dramatic and cryptic statement that evening saying that over the course of the previous weekend, "Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children." Kate has yet to explain what Jon's troubling "activities" were that their eight children needed protection from — but Star has learned that she didn't ask for custody of their kids in her divorce filing! "The filing does not contain a custody count at this time," Kate's Norristown, Penn.-based divorce attorney, Cheryl Young, tells Star in an exclusive interview. "Both parties are trying to work this out together behind the scenes as amicably as possible." According to records, Jon is being represented by attorney Charles Meyer.There was some mystery — and legal questions — as to why Kate, who lives with Jon in the Berks County town of Wernersville, filed her divorce forty miles away in Norristown, the county seat of Montgomery County. While Pennsylvania law states that a divorce action must be filed in the petitioner's county of residence, "the action can be filed in a different county if both parties agree to it beforehand," says Young. "That was the case in this action." The attorney adds that Montgomery County was chosen for convenience because both Jon and Kate's divorce attorneys are based there. And given the media scrutiny of the couple, "we felt that filing in a different county might make for a calmer environment," admits Young, who was referred to Kate by another attorney. The divorce action (below) shows that Kate and Jon listed a Sinking Spring, Penn., address — "possibly a business address," says Young — rather than their home address in Wernersville. Per Montgomery County law, the actual divorce file is normally sealed and not available to the public. " (Yes, I am sure that it is more publicity. It will be a long hot summer!)

People: Kate feels like she failed. (Well, duh! And yes, People Mag knew about the divorce ahead of time.)

NBC Philadelphia: Folks are just not happy about all the clamor.

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ABC News ( This page has video on how she told the kids about the divorce.) said "Despite an announcement that divorce proceedings have begun, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" matriarch Kate Gosselin is still wearing her wedding ring because taking it off would devastate her children....Jon and Kate Gosselin broke the news to their children together, first by telling twins Cara and Mady.

The identical twins had very different reactions to the news.

"Mady was something. She said, 'I can't say this comes as much of a surprise. I could've guessed.'

But Cara just crumpled into tears. She was crying, and I was holding her in my arms like a baby," Kate Gosselin told People.

The Gosselins broke the news to their sextuplets by keeping it "light and airy."

The Gosselins, who are parents of 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets, have decided to share their expansive $1.1 million home in southeastern Pennsylvania and rotate time there so that each parent gets to spend time with the children.

The children were told, "Daddy's not going to live here sometimes, but he'll come back half the time and we'll trade on and off."

My Fox Philly says that Jon's moving to NYC and the kids will join him there to film:

"OK! East Coast News Editor Shauna Bass told that Jon Gosselin is in serious pursuit of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in Trump Place and his cable network, TLC, would foot part of the bill.
The kicker: TLC wants to shoot video of Jon Gosselin and his children in Manhattan, with his bachelor pad as the location for these episodes.
"The premise [is]... they can film the kids visiting dad in NYC, going to FAO Schwarz, taking carriage rides, in Central Park,” says OK!. “The producers are looking forward to scouting new locations and trying something completely different."
The idea of Jon Gosselin moving, at least partially, to a new city would also set the premise for a spinoff show from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” "

Kate Fratti, from Philly Burbs hopes Kate fades into the woodwork.

More to come!