Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Rumors and the Body Guard

Several folks have written and believe the Mysterious Mr. Gray/Grey, is none other than Steve Neild, who is purported to be Executive Vice President at Prudential Associates. (Note: Scroll down.)

If this is true, I am completely baffled as to why someone with his experience would be shepherding a celebrity-nothing like Kate Gosselin around. Is it his connection with media (aka TLC) outlets or is it that Steve and Kate have known each other for years or is it something completely different. Time will certainly tell.

On a separate note, it's been a busy time for the media. What I've posted here only represents a fraction of the press from US Weekly, Star, National Enquirer, and other media outlets. As you can imagine, there are a lot of rumors, not only about did he/didn't he and did Kate/didn't Kate.

What leaves me curious is really who is talking care of the kids? Is it only the nanny? Jon? Or are there family members who can now make an appearance with Kate gone for many weeks on her speaking engagements? A nanny has to sleep and have some time off sometime! (And honestly, knowing what we do about Kate and her frugality, do they really HAVE a nanny??) I'd bet Jon has his family over (at least) or maybe even some of the people Kate alienated. I mean what would happen if the kids talked about her family, Jon's family, Jodi or even Beth coming over? What is Kate going to do? Quit her "career" to make sure the kids don't get gum? I doubt it. And what is she going to do, yell some more at Jon? Isn't really going to do much good, I think.

It is obvious that Jon and Kate dislike each other. Neither of them have talked about loving each other. Only about how important the family is. I see divorce and I see Kate sharing custody with Jon as a live in babysitter (keeping the nanny, of course). We all know Kate won't give up the spotlight without a fight- especially not for someone who seems to have had so much work done on her eyes, teeth, skin, hair, and even boobs!

Jon has long been reported as living above the garage and now some news outlets have hinted that Kate and Steve Neild (who is reported as married) are screwing as well. If these rumors are true, those kids are in for a world of hurt and will keep therapists in business for years to come.