Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh sweet Jesus, how the mighty have fallen!

First, the very best news...... the ratings have fallen again. From 3.4 M to 3 M. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was NOT the number one show; they've slipped to #2. I am seriously going to have an orgasm I am so happy!

Apparently the big problem that Kate had with Jon was when Jon and the nanny, Stephanie, started getting it on. Cara and Mady called Kate and was she pissed! Jon wouldn't let her in and the cops were called.

The tabs ought to be sizzling this week! For a sneak peek, have a look at Oh No They Didn't!

Jon is still trying to play Daddy Pimp Club. He's in talks about his divorced dad show. Who the hell wants to watch him whine?

Christian Audigier from Ed Hardy says now that he isn't doing a line with Jon Gosselin. Gee, Jon, you might have to get a JOB to support your whore girlfriend.

More to come, I'm sure~~