Monday, December 15, 2008

Recap: 12/15 Giving Back

Kate begins the whole thing by saying that they had to find a cause they could believe in. Nothing closer than St. Jude's, Kate? Nothing like supporting those who helped you have your healthy babies.....The best that Jon and Kate could say about St. Jude's is "it's crazy." What a vocabulary!

She admits that people find them inspirational but that she finds the St. Jude's families inspirational. "No child should have to endure what they endure." But years of therapy are good for yours, Kate?

Of course, trying to get all those gifts to the hospital means SHOPPING!!! In Memphis (free vacation). And where else would Kate shop? KMART!! It isn't because they have great prices, is it Kate? And it isn't really because Kmart collects for St. Jude. We know you're a spokesperson for the organization?

Each kid could pick out three toys. Kate declares it's rare to be in a store. What about all that coupon clipping you do? What about that layaway you do? Liar, liar, hair on fire... don't we all wish!

And gee, Lexi got an Elmo doll. Special child.....

Kate says that it is better to give than to receive and that "we have to help (these kids) as much as we can". How about sponsoring them on your 23 acre $1.3 M spread that you just fenced in? Silly Kate.

The selfish kids wanted to pick for themselves... and did Kate dissuade them-- not much! The kids as Kate said, were "freed" by acting like they donated a dollar and the toys to St. Jude. Because they just don't go anywhere to do this type of thing on a regular basis.

"Miss Bev" moved back to TN earlier this year.... and as damage control, they decided to visit her. Nothing like getting a cheap assed candle for the woman who helped you when the kids were small. (Where the hell is your family Kate? Jon? Cause that's what we're really interested in. We know you hate Jodi and Beth. You've pissed off everyone around you!)

After picking the cheap assed candle, they were off to the tool section, where Kate had no clue. Cause she's dumb that way. So she got a tape measure and a tool bag. WTF? Kate's a tool. A jacknut.

They stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN, where they met Miss Bev. Kate just drooled over her and said that Miss Bev "loves them". Meaning Kate. What a stupid bitch. If she is as close to Cara and Mady, why wasn't there any contact for SOOOOOOOOO long? I'll bet you miss her Kate-- and her workhorse attitude.

While we wait for the commercial, just a note. A regular room at the Peabody is $240 a night for 2 adults. They have a package for the ducks for $460 which accomodates a family of four. Did they pay $920 or a discounted rate. Of course not! With Kate's shrewed coupon clipping, they got it free with the TV exposure!

Kate said they bought "60some" presents, which is 9 per person-- over 9 per person. I am sure Kmart gave them some freebies. And did you see the crackerjack job on the wrapping-- looked like the crew helped!

Could Cara sound more enthused about her role in helping the kids... Miss Monotone. Kate wants the kids to remember that if they see someone in need of help, that they give them help. What was that Kate, you wanted to give those Yard Sale items to someone in need? But you forgot?

Then came the Despereaux reading... and the kids had a matching figure. I am sure the twins loved being grouped in with the 'tups.... yet again. And of course, Kate still believes bedtime is the best time.

You could tell in this episode that Katie Irene has had a tit lift and another tummy tuck. Or else she is becoming anorexic. I could believe that of our neurotic Katie. Her eyes look as though they've been worked on as well. (Trying to look Korean, Kate?) One thing never changes, the damn orange makeup and chicken hair. That's our Katie.

As they were speaking to the child life expert at the hospital, Kate praised her. Probably because she was brunette and not Jon's type. And what a kick to the kids..... they couldn't go talk to the kids. As Kate said, "THEY'RE SICK!" As if the kids are going to "catch" cancer. Take a leap into the 21st century, Kate. So they used TV screens. WTF? Notice Hannie was the only one into seeing "Mommy! Daddy!"

Oh yes, Kate, make it all about YOU with the CD. Your 2.5 months in the hospital was NOTHING compared to what these kids are feeling. YOU had a satisfactory resolution to your issue. These kids may not! What a bitch!

And then it was time for the hospital commercial-- which I can't really fault. But to be endorsed by the Deadly Duo. But what i thought was telling is Kate holding her arms out to her kids and not one of them held their arms out to her. And when she finally met up with a child, she held her by the shoulders. No big bone crushing hug. What a moron.

The 'teaser' from Despereaux was just too sick to describe.

For me, Miss Bev said it all. "If they say so, we have to do what they say." Amen, Miss Bev, Amen.