Friday, January 30, 2009

Kate and the Octuplets

Many of you are aware that a woman in Bellflower has given birth to octuplets. You might also know that she had SIX other children before she had the octuplets!! (It's no wonder she wanted to remain anonymous!)

Here is how
Access Hollywood treated the story- and Kate's spin on it. You've got to love Mady. This video is 100% telling of the pecking order in the family. CNN has similar video as well, where Kate imparts her knowledge of babies, families and dishes about her privacy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The GDNNOP is just off the hook!

In the conversation about the house, we have Jenn (on the 201+ page, scroll to find) who talks about her husband being a CPS person and he sees nothing actionable in the show. Also on the same thread page, Anya, one of the blog mods, thanks her and says its nice to hear from a professional. (Scroll down a few posts from Jenn's and you'll see it.)

This is a very interesting exchange. For a blog that took the Penn Mommy issue so personally and has a new blog about anonymity on the net, I would think they would ask for more proof than some random, anonymous person talking about having a family member in CPS. Seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black as they have about the GWOP and its sources.

Methinks the old gals at Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity are a little hypocritical...or maybe it is all part of their propaganda machine- "disinformation", "oversimplification" and "virtue words" all seem to be a part of this latest attempt at credibility on the part of the GDNNOP.

Under the propaganda post the author states, "While of course it is not solely the anti-Gosselin crowd that engages in propaganda tactics, I do think it's fair to say that such behavior is more prevalent in their community." In this case, I would change "anti-Gosselin" to GDNNOP" and I'd say they'd just about have it right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Wernersville, PA Topix board

Wernersville, PA Topix board should be interesting over time to see what the folks in this town think about the Greedy Gosselins.

Propaganda and the GDNNOP

The GDNNOP are at it again, accusing haters of using propaganda techniques against sheeple. You can read about it here. It's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think? Anyone can say those tactics are used on any other group. With some people or groups, it is more obvious than with others.

More to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reactions to the Gosselin's new home

The show has barely cooled and reactions are pouring in to blog comments. The usual suspects are out there. The GWOP is appalled, the GDNNOP are betting on what the GWOP is going to say and how their posters will react. The Anti-GWOP takes the cake by immediately whamming on the GWOP posters and actually telling her readers exactly what the non-Kate fans will be writing. How screwed up is that? LMAO!

I'm looking forward to the onslaught of recaps coming!

Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26 The New House

This episode was so surreal. The production company took great pains to hide the fact that this was the $1.3M spread--- until very late in the show. The whole idea that they took the kids to the house and let them run around while Kate cleaned a fridge, which she said she didn't know was going to take so much work, was also surreal.

Actually, this episode really seemed like a "take that" to the folks that don't like the Gosselins (he he) and it was very stilted and awkward.

Here are the highlights:

One 'tup asks about the new house: How many dollars does it take? Kate: Lots. That's why mommies and daddies have to work.

Kate: Today is mommy's free day to do whatever she wants. (And we're supposed to believe she wanted to clean a fridge and take the kids to an empty house?)
Kate: "The kids are privileged, blessed to grow up there (new house). We need this house for them. "
Kate (bitching/threatening): "If you've overflowed the toilet, you're in trouble."

Kate: "Hannah breathlessly says 'Thank you, Mommy'" and Kate can justify her new pad.
Kate: The twins' room is far away from everyone, because they need privacy."

Hannie gets a private suite because she gets migraines. Didn't they say last week that Alexis was a disturber and she would have her own room?

The boys get rooms near the girl 'tups with their own bathrooms.

Kate got bitchy with the kids and Jon twice in the first 5 minutes... make that 3 times.

Mom and dad have no privacy.... so they get to their room and tell the kids to never get to come back in. They need to knock. Heaven forbid they are in danger and get hurt or killed because they are afraid to get in trouble by coming in the room without permission! We all know this rule is so Kate can sleep in as long as she wants while the kids buddy up and have jurisdictions. Wait, wrong show....

Whew! I blacked out for a bit and came to when they were oohing over a dead mouse. I thought I was still dreaming when I found Kate arranging and cleaning her kitchen. Now I know it was a set up! Which brings up a point-- she said it was a filthy house, yet she was walking barefoot. Wasn't she the one who bitched about hotel room floors being so filthy and she wouldn't walk barefoot?

And again with the pooping boys. Now Kate can yell through the house and scream for others (Cara) to wipe her kids. She raps on the window and tells Jon to come in because she needs help. She cleans a moldy fridge (for 4 hours) although her old one goes with the Andrews Ave house. Oh, right-- it has the wood look the the front-- only the best will do for our Katie Irene!

I do love the idea of how much dirt will be tracked into the house. Perhaps we'll see a return to the classic Kate. Probably not- undoubtedly they will have a full blown maid.

Kate: "All mine, all mine as far as I can see. We needed this very badly. Yeah." Karma is a bitch Kate, much like you, and it will come back to visit you.

And where is Jon this whole time? Outside probably wanking in the barn or having a tryst with his trainer.

One of the most precious moments was when Mady kicked the living shit out of (I think) Leah for being in her room. Ahhh, think of the bonding days to come!

She finished the day already bitching about how much work the big house is--- oh and at 9:28 pm she says "there is acreage" so the children can "disperse for privacy".

It is so nice that they had so much hardship they were able to overcome through the kindness of family and strangers. Now they're livin' large. Hope they can make the property tax payment!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gosselin House 4 Sale! Only $350K!

As many of you may know, the Gosselin's Andrew Ave. home is for sale. It looks badly staged, messy and generally something I might shy away from, but undeniably, it is the Gosselin's old house.

For pictures and the full scoop, visit Brownstone Reality Co.

Some people believe the price tag of $350K is a bit much for this home. I tend to agree. Even for the area and the "star" quotient, it is still a basic home. Way too much cash outlay for what you get.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So sticky sweet I want to barf! But there is hope!

Anyone remember "Pour Some Sugar on Me"? I've collected some YouTube moments that suck.

Enjoy this video which shows moments with Kate that we talk about a lot online but few have put together so succinctly for us to snark upon. I just want to gag at the pink ending. Hang in there, Kate! More freebies are on the way!

And of course, we have to have 11 Reasons to Explain, if you have to explain her, why? I especially love 8 that says Kate doesn't pick on Mady. The video poser says (s)he actually has seen Kate love Mady. When and ew creepy! But my favorite is "She does slap Jon and Jon doesn't exactly like it... But she hasn't done it recently on the show and I can tell she's trying not to." Doh. Really?

I rather enjoy 25 Reasons Why I hate the Gosselins. A little corny, but oh so true! (I think it is hillarious that GonnaMakeaMemory took the time to do a 25 Reasons Why I hate TillieGo (the maker of the other 25 reasons). GMM makes his/herself out to be as hypocritical and unable to spell as TillieGo. GMM wanted TillieGo to "pick a side" because TillieGo made a hate and a fan video- "Pick a side!!!!" LMAO. Sounds like GMM likes drama.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun Blog: Scrappin' Jenny

Although this blog is about scrapbooking- a hobby in which I'd like to be interested but just can't get into......if that makes sense. Jennifer has an interesting piece about JK8.

She takes us back to a time when it was all about Jodi being kicked from the show and why, but her prespective on how it made her feel while watching "All you ever wanted to know" was good as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Newest Rumor: Kate and a broken leg

Hello everyone. A new rumor that's been circling the boards for the last couple of days is that Kate has fallen and broken her leg. I knew she was lazy, but to break your own leg to get out of work? Just kidding.

Reasons for the broken leg include falling down in a snow storm, falling off a treadmill, and falling at her new home.

I'll let you know if it's true or if I can squash this one!

Update 1/24: More rumors are that this one is all lies. Some folks have posted photos of Kate from this weekend which show her leg as happy and healthy. Jury is still out, but I believe this is false.

Rumor Control: Gosselins and Campbell Soup

On Dec 9, 2008, I reported a rumor regarding the Gosselin's and Campbell's soup. I received an email from Campbell's stating that Kate Gosselin is "not affiliated with Campbell's at this time".

Sounds like the door is open but for now, I don't have to stop eating Chicken and Stars!

Monday, January 19, 2009

1/19 All you wanted to know

This show opens with Jon and Kate being idiots on the couch acting as if they don't really want to answer the questions- imagine that. Predictably, it was all about Kate.

The whole episode was pretty much straight questions and answers with video clips. The show featured some questions with crew members-- but I didn't really believe their answers.

Here are the highlights:

First question was about filming, kids, and will they be mad because they had to be filmed.
Answers ranged from the kids being "enriched by filming", "well-rounded and adjusted", "got to travel." I was concerned with the fact that they just "walk up to people" and are so friendly. Pedophile anyone? Kate denied the kids would be "scarred for life" because they've learned more than they ever would and will have funding for college. These facts make them "positively affected" to the point that Kate declares, "We don't worry about them." I think that says it all, don't you?

Another heavy hitting question was which child would have more teenage drama. Kate said she would be affected most and Jon thinks all the kids will "have drama".

Kate is still pleading that they are not filmed 24/7 or even every day-- that it "averages out" to 3 days a week. I think she's lying.

I also think they lie about loving Friday movie night together--- and dinner. When would they have time for this with Kate's new career and Jon hanging with 15 year olds?

Vehemently, Kate says she doesn't know if she wants to adopt and that she doesn't want to be pregnant anymore (cause she's so thin!)

On writing more books: Kate "very much likes writing" likes "writing about family, lives and experiences". Says she's excited to have "my book in their hands."

Music lessons are really not an issue anymore. Cara took four and stopped. Mady does violin only for the social aspects. But the kids are in sports- soccer, skiing and rollerblading. Um, I think we meant team sports and why aren't these ever featured on the show??

Kate (who took over the conversation) pretty much said she is surprised most about being on TV show: how much work it is, how people react, and difficultly being in public. Suck it up, babe!

Kate swears she coupon clips and stockpiles. LMAO

Kate says she looks so good because she uses a treadmill (in the hotels) and eats salad.

Supposedly, if the kids don't want to be on camera, they aren't. That's exactly why Mady had to run in her room.

Kate and Jon are inspired by parents of kids with cancer-- I would have thought they would say "GOD". When they talked about listening to all kinds of music- "god music" came in 3rd and 4th.

I guess I will put a couple crew questions in.
Bonnie told us that the kids like having the camera around. They are "comfortable" with the cameras. "It is part of everyday life for them." Kate says they are "just living" they aren't "required" in a shoot. If they want to go to a friend's house instead of the shoot "they just do". Suuuuure. What about when the cameras are gone? How will the kids feel then?

Josh said he likes when the kids go out with a parent for a special day. I thought it funny only to see the OLD "special day" clips shown. What about others that found the cutting room floor. Or is that they only time they were able to find time to make special time for the kids?

Misconceptions about being on a show: Kate whines that people feel they don't work- "they feel we are living lives-- but they don't see the interviews, emails, meetings, article shoots, phone interview, press- that encompasses "horrendously more than 40 hours a week" on top of the books and speaking. It's rewarding, working from home and choosing our schedule." However, she said that people also believe "You put your lives on TV so you don't want privacy". We are aware we gave away our privacy, but what little we have left, we want so we can "live normally" and provide "normalcy" for the kids." Then a crew member chimed in and said it is not an "actor" reality show- that it isn't scripted.

The beef has never been an issue of you not wanting privacy, however, you gave it away when you decided to pimp out your kids. Sorry, Kate and Jon, you can't have it both ways. This episode was total damage control. Even if the kids don't have to be in a shoot, they are still part of the show, still working for the show and should be paid and protected. You suck as parents. Every day, all day.

Just in: KMart thinking about Kate again!

This is how Target became my shopping spot. I'd rather pay more than less if Kmart endorses Kate (and Walmart treats its employees like crap and has practices that kill their employees!).

From BrandFreak

Following her successful run as a spokeswoman for its holiday layaway plan, Kmart is considering bringing back Kate Gosselin to star in more ads, according to a company rep. The polarizing star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been attacked by critics who claim she is exploiting her children for fame and fortune. Kmart rep Tom Aiello says, "She did a good job communicating the layaway program. We're looking to carry that relationship into late spring, but nothing is concrete." He says Kmart has received "positive feedback" on Kate, but "we're going to be smart as we move ahead. We'll look and see if there is a change in opinion."
—Posted by Kenneth Hein

If you want to change opinion, write to Tom Aiello in care of Kmart or call them!

1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848)

Corporate info:
Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
(847) 286-2500

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Love offerings" or a way to avoid the IRS?

Some people have always defended Kate and Jon for doing "what it takes" to raise their family. Does that include taking "love offerings" versus a paycheck from people who think you need the money. Yes, Jon has gotten his balls from Kate temporarily and splurged on a tax write off, er I mean, a "father-daughter place". While that might sound nice to some people, it sounds creepy to me.

Not nearly as creepy as, "It's nice because I have eight kids, two dogs and live in Pennsylvania, and I can still hang with 15-year-olds." and "You can do whatever you want here. I go places you can connect with people and it feels like a family." Ew. As one commenter on the article said, and I totally agree, WHY would he want to be with 15 years old. Trying to prostitute out one of the twins now? Trying to make her have babies to keep your empire strong? I just don't get it.

Not to mention that they now have a $1.3M home and a second vacation home. Who is fleecing whom now?

I'm not the least bit jealous (I wouldn't want to go anywhere with Jon) but I do think they've really taken advantage of the public and their 15 minutes. Some days I can't wait for the show to disappear.

Read all about it at

What the heck is Jon thinking?

I think Jon's saying, "Boy, I shouldn't have had that extra sausage at breakfast!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True or Not? Aunt Jodi speaks again?

Supposedly Aunt Jodi has taken up blogging--- I don't believe it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rumor squashed- freebies abound

Back on 12/20, I reported a rumor that Jon and Kate were going to be spokespeople for Horizon Organic. On 12/24 (yes, I am behind on email), I received the following confirming a relationship with the Gosselins, as well as the expected freebies- but no "formal" spokesperson position.

"Thank you for your recent e-mail to Horizon Organic. We appreciate your interest in our products.

There is no formal agreement or contract between the Gosselin family and Horizon Organic. In the past, we've provided the family with Horizon Organic product to use as they wished, and we appreciate the family's support of our brand. Thanks again for contacting the Consumer Affairs Department. "

Sincerely,Celeste Muela
Consumer Response Representative
Ref: N857559

1/12 All Smiles

They are running out of things to do shows on. It isn't like their kids have anything out of the ordinary going on- it is all about the quantity of kids, not the issues surrounding them. Every kid goes to a dentist of orthodontist. Oh well, so here we go-- cue the shite music....

Kate immediately gets bitchy with the kids making noise. And then the chosen child is called Muffy now. Again with the yelling and screaming in the dentist chair.

And even though these kids have the motor skills.... the parents still brush teeth....... but even so, Mady has crappy teeth (according to Kate).

As Kate sat, stumbling over words, the chosen child waved to the camera and then abruptly stopped as though she was breaking the spell of TV by acknowledging the camera's presence-- what will happen when she has no one to which to wave? But the dream did not go on forever. All knowing Kate "criticized" the dentist for not having up to date books. They still go to Dr. Gosselin's old practice. Wonder if it's free..... Kate whimped about the kids actually doing something for themselves-- having conversations with adults (what do you expect Kate, when they aren't around anyone but themselves?) and picking flavors (a-duh). And the chosen child on the confessional couch gets a special kiss....

We've learned yet another new word from Kate-- are-ange. For us simple folk that would be orange. Of course we had more special couch moments between Kate and the chosen child. The kids seemed to get good reports-- yeah, cause the parents are doing the brushing. But basically the back and the front teeth needed help-- all of them. Kate took credit for it all, although she told Jon what he needed to improve upon when he brushed the kids teeth (whilst she gets liquored up no doubt).

Then it was on to the orthodontist. The twins went in for teeth issues..... of course right off the bat, Kate said she'd have problems with Mady at the doctor. But of course she did mention that the kids have "numerous friends in the classroom" (not allowed at home) who have gone to the orthodontist. Again, it is a family friend orthodontist- more freebies!

Cara went first, then Mady for Xrays. While Katie Irene reminenced about her braces day, she just wanted to know if her mouth looked thinner..... whatever, drama queen. (Notice that Kate has on very, very baggy pants and this week, the tummy is covered.) Kate teased unmercifully about what work Mady would need done. Nothing like torturing your child while the chosen child giggles in approval - and you encourage her!

Back to the twins. Mady has a crossbite and is left-handed! Of course when the orthodontist said she needed to do better......... I loved the doctor saying they put in 8 chairs just for Kate--- I don't think the dr. liked Kate. Good for the doctor!

Mady said she doesn't like her teeth. Kate had to say that the doctor had to spend lots of time reviewing Mady's pics. Mady gets a retainer or braces- Cheap Kate went for the braces.

Cara doesn't get braces until around twelve- if then.

Jon had to criticize Mady's smile. At least Kate said she'd have a pretty smile again. Wow. Who scripted that?!

New: I Plead Eight (IP8) Monday

As a new feature (for anyone who is interested-- may just be me!), I'll be featuring an "I Plead Eight" Monday in honor of our favorite golddigging family.

How it works is you get a free pass for anything you've done on Monday that might otherwise be considered shady or otherwise wrong.

I'll start it up--- my IP8 moment was clamoring so sweetly to my writer/editor to finish up editing a 200 page document that I already spent 10 hours this weekend editing. And giving her a 4 hour deadline. It had been her responsibility to begin with and she didn't do it. I got it to a certain point and gave her the most tedious parts to finish.

Dirty Disher gets it right!

From the Dirty Disher comes a ring of truth concerning the Gosselin kids in "What I know about the Gosselin kids from watching TV". Definitely worth a read, but if you haven't time, here is a quick synopsis:

Alexis: "disturber", "controller", generally a bad influence and fodder for pedophiles.
Joel: "Clueless" and "dirty" whiner.
Hannah: suck up and "smarty pants" -- and why!
Collin: Organized, droopy-eyed, big-headed child with fluid bowels.
Mady: "Mean and ugly" and smart as hell
Cara: Often seeming "stunned" with a nervous tick, she's under the radar b/c she doesn't "cause Kate problems."
Leah: Allowed Hannah sleeping privs but not really a favored one.
Aaden: A constipated, dirty professor

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christianity Today: More proof Kate is an idiot

From TCW

Some highlights:

And yet some people have been critical of the show.
Yeah. I definitely know there's a lot of ugliness out there about us. Honestly, I think a lot of it's because people squirm at how real we are. I think it bothers some people because it makes them think, If cameras were at my house, what would they capture? Would I be okay with that being aired?

(I would be great with it, because I wouldn't be making money off my kids. If you're really real, Kate, then I'm a virgin!)

Do you feel the show captures you guys accurately?
I do. We actually forget the cameras are there a lot of the time. We don't do anything differently when they're on. Of course, sometimes they'll edit things a certain way for the sake of drama. Over three days I could have three different issues with Jon, and in 23 minutes they're going to show all three of those. So it looks like I melted down several times in a short period of time.

(What a contradiction, Kate! You've said numerous times that what we see is real! Yet now you say it is edited for drama--- so it isn't really "reality" that we're seeing. Get your stories straight, golddigger!)

It must be difficult to be cast in a negative light.
A bit. But I understand why they're doing that. And I like that the show captures us in all our messiness.

(Why is that? So you can rake in a bigger check. There is NOTHING inspirational about being cast in a negative light for your show. It is all ratings and money.)

Oh and this is precious!

Over the years, if anybody sent me money just for me, I saved it. But a couple months ago, I told Jon Over the years, if anybody sent me money just for me, I saved it. But a couple months ago, I told Jon I'm using that money to go to the spa once a month. He was all for it. I get a massage and a pedicure. Of course, I still feel guilty leaving him and the kids, but I look forward to that time like you wouldn't believe. Jon followed suit with regular golf outings. We've realized how important that time away is.

(So did you start this a couple of months ago or when you faked sick on vacation and went to the spa with Beth. Who is paying for Jon's golfing? More generous donors?)

Will the show continue after the sextuplets go to school this fall?
I don't know. You'd have to ask God. We don't ever know where we're going to be and what we're going to be doing. I don't have a grand plan anymore. I'm okay to be wherever God wants us.

(Or where ever the gravy train leads you!)

Kon-wear and other marketing ideas

Discovery/TLC has made a small fortune off marketing Jon and Kate cups, mugs, bags, DVDs, etc.

What else are we likely to see in the future? For me, my money is on a Jon and Kate doll house with 8 children that are able to "grow" by pulling their legs. I'm sure there will be expansion packs if Kate decides she just has to have one more (Korean) baby.

Think about Gosselin Weebles. They always wobble, but the never fall down! Much like the Gosselins' reps- they always seem tarnished but they never quire rust!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reading Eagle: Food for Thought

From the Reading Eagle:

Darrin Youker: Should families' lives be fodder for reality TV?
Reading, PA - One night a few weeks back, as I was absorbed in yet another book, my wife got my attention and said: "Did you hear that Michelle Duggar had her 18th child?"

I paused in silent reflection, racking my brain to try and remember who we knew that had 17 kids and was expecting another. I drew a blank.

"Who's that?"

"The Duggars from Arkansas who had a bunch of kids. They have a show on TLC called '17 Kids & Counting.' "

How my wife, without access to a television at home, knows what's happening with the Duggars is beyond me.And from time to time, relatives of mine love to talk to me about "Jon and Kate Plus 8," knowing I have a special connection to that show. As I'm sure we all remember, the plucky Gosselin sextuplets were born in Berks County.

Again, without having a TV at home, I'm missing out on seeing their family trips to Florida and Maui.I'm starting to rethink my position on not having a television.

In fact, I think it might be worthwhile to have my children a little bit more exposed to pop culture.

So that's why I'm offering up my family for a reality television show.

Since the trend these days is to feature families with a lot of children, I'm left with a few options to ponder. My wife and I could try expanding our brood of two. Or, we could "borrow" a few of our adorable nieces and nephews to give us a gaggle of kids.

But I'm thinking of going about it with a different angle.

The Youkers live in a cramped two-bedroom semi. Our little angels have to share one bedroom. To get to the one bathroom in the house, you have to go through their bedroom. There's one closet, no playroom and no wooden swing set in the backyard. Pretty rustic conditions for a middle-class family.

Plus, four people living in a 900-square-foot house makes it seem like twice as many people live there. Toys are everywhere. Dad's constantly tripping over wooden blocks, trains, cars and fire trucks.The setting naturally breeds some tension, and comedic moments. Who wouldn't laugh as Dad twists an ankle while falling over a misplaced truck and curses his lot in life for having to live in such cramped quarters?

As an added bonus, my children are adorable. My son has blond hair, blue eyes and an angelic look that says, "I never get in trouble." My daughter has a feisty scowl and loves to torment her older brother through hair pulling.Exciting things happen in the Youker house. We had a teddy bear parade when Sam got potty trained. My daughter ate cake when she turned 1. And, it's anyone's guess how my shy son will react when he soon goes to preschool for the first time.

To top it off, we go to exciting places together as a family. Just this year we went to upstate New York and Springfield, Mo.Wow!I doubt we'll get any offers.

Maybe it's for the best. I have to question the wisdom of displaying a family's life in front of television cameras. I have to wonder what type of men and women those children will grow up to become. They're not actors. There's no role to play, no character to create, no lines to read. Their real lives are our entertainment. Maybe we're the ones who need our priorities examined.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Gosselins Move Buzz and Ardent Admirers

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon about the Gosselin's move. The GWOP uncovered the $1.3 homestead shortly after the "house hunting" episode. Although they've been widely criticized for "stalking" (hey it is ALL public record, dear readers), they have been right on so far!

The newest blog to jump on the new home is


This one is a pet peeve. Apparently "bellystars" has an issue with people who "bash" the Gosselins.

I would ask her:

Do you not have anything better to do than bash people who are exercising their right to free speech? Plus you are hyper-hypocritical. Oh no-- you'll not post their links but you sure will hint about how to find them. What do you say or do that makes you any better than them? People could look at you as a "crazy ass" because you seem to be devoting your blog to the people who "bash" the Gosselins.

Suck it up, grow up and MOVE ON.

1/10 update (because I love snark)
bellystars has replied to my post above. Who would have thought? Obviously she didn't take any more time to read the site than to find something to whine about. (And she didn't really answer the questions! But she did contradict herself from her original post of not directly advertising the sites she found offensive.) Whoopie.

These links pretty much negate her whinging. Of course she'd have to read them to understand them.

Trademark law and "without pity"

Now it's time for me to move on to other snark. Way on.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

If you could tell Kate Gosselin one thing she'd hear...

What would you tell her?

My one thing would be stop being fake- own her bitchiness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Rumors: Kate's new cookbook

Although no concrete evidence has been put forth, many blogs are reporting that Kate is writing a cookbook. This rumor may be true, but as of yet, no publishers have listed it nor any book wholesellers, which means it is a good 2- 6 months away if it is true.

One blog had a comment from a person who stated they were a book buyer and they had a marketing sell sheet. I remain skeptical of this comment.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old-New Rumor: Kate's Preggers!

Once again the dirt is that based on her appearance in "Soup and a Surprise", Kate's pregnant. You be the judge, she does look worn out, her chin seems to be retaining water, her boobs are gynormous and her belly looks really chubby.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Damned both ways?

After the episode "Soup and a Surprise", folks on the net have been either declared how much they enjoy the show or how dull it is. Over the last few months (non)fans have been debating this issue.

I found it lackluster and staged, however, people who enjoy the show are left wondering, "Will the haters never stop? They asked for simple days and when they get them, they say the show is boring."

I don't believe the problem is so much that TLC shows simple times (like in Soup and a Surprise). The problem is that these times are perceived as fake, staged, and completely unrealistic. Especially with the impending move to the $1.3M home. Plus, some of the comments made (by Kate) were not well received. The kids deserving the house, the house being bigger than the one they have. At face value, these comments are harmless, but coupled with the way Kate is portrayed in the media, online (yes, my blog too)-- makes these episodes dull, because we are either seeing a real family that is unpleasant or we aren't seeing the true Gosselin family. What kind of reality TV are either of these options?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gosselins without Pity (GWOP): Advocates gone wild?

The following comment was sent to me today from intatters:

"I used to be a big fan of the GWOP, but now they just seem to be perpetuating the "Kate is bad" thinking. I see very little actual advocating for the kids anymore. It's been weeks since they've posted anything regarding child advocacy from outside sources and it doesn't seem they are organizing anything sensible to help the kids."

The GWOP has been a little lean on the action side of the advocacy, aside from maintaining the blog and pointing out Jon and Kate's issues. I would be curious to know if they've maintained any type of contact with Paul Petersen or what types of agencies they've contacted/worked with in Pennsylvania.

If child advocacy is truly what they want, hopefully we'll see more of their efforts front and center in the blog in 2009.

Recap: 1/5 Soup and a Surprise

Kate enters, looking greasy-- or maybe rode hard and put up wet. (Where is that bodyguard??) She's in a tizzy because her "scary, creepy" stove blew up. What a tragedy. On this special day, Kate was making her "annual batch of soups"- chicken noodle and "old grandma beef vegetable" -ORGANIC of course. Kate said she froze her organic roast leftovers to use for the soup. Now, I’m not a genius, but who would keep refrozen beef for up to a year just to make soup. Sounds a bit unsafe for me!

Oh, but lucky Kate! She was able to get a stove delivered just in time. (I guess that black AmEx is a godsend!) But alas, it was too big to fit her hole. Oh, no, what a tease--- they were able to wedge it in her tight space! Jon called it “definitely wider” than the old one. (The personal chef should love it!)

After Kate flirted briefly with the be-goateed delivery man and asked him if he’d cleaned under it, she got busy. Because Jon told us if it didn’t have a keyboard, he didn’t know how to use it. Explains the way they got kids. First she complained of Jon “invading” her space—and that she didn’t have much of it anymore. (First clue!!!!)

Meanwhile, the boys were cleaning the basement under threats of not getting to go outside. The boys were asking if the girls were already outside—but of course, reinforcing the stereotypical roles, Jon said they were upstairs helping Mommy (in the kitchen).

Wearing her trademark fat ass khakis, Kate bitched about making soup and Jon outside playing with all the kids. Kate is making progress though—she no longer freaks out about mixing Play Doh colors. Probably because she gets a kick back from Kmart and can buy more.

Jon declares the kids “’foodies” and helps them make Play Doh food. Very cute and all. Kate seemed to be drunk on her gin and tonics or high on cooking sherry throughout the couch confessionals. Her newly reconstructed eyes twitch and her lids seem to be too heavy for her to keep open. Eyes crossed, she looks disgustedly at the camera, the crew and Jon. Jon seemed highly amused. Perhaps he helped this new look? Hmmmm….

The children played well together- for a while. Then one of the girls smacked Collin’s snake and he freaked out. Kate comes out, arms crossed and said that Jon would be cleaning up the mess. She asks the children if they are happy to have a dad that cleans—of course they are. At least they spend some time with a parent then.

I hardly think two stockpots is an “annual event” that is enough for what? A week of eating for a family of 10? Anyway, back to the show. Jon got out the NEW Little Tykes gym- another Kmart “bargain” I am sure. Collin went up the wrong way, got hurt and instead of a little love, he got time out in a little cage. Jon said he hardly gets it out because it is so big. (The gym, folks, the gym. Second clue!!!!)

I am still appalled that Kate starts the soup early and she says it won’t be ready until bedtime. Dear god, good soup takes time, but it doesn’t need to be an all day affair. Ahhhh, six containers of soup and they go through one a day. That is only 1-2 weeks’ worth of soup! Once again, Kate shows her lack of coordination and organization.

They sit down to (what else?) soup. Jon and Kate announced they had a surprise and told them they would be moving. The ‘tups screamed a scripted “yeah!!” while Mady was asking “are you sure”. Kate snaps “We wouldn’t tell you if we weren’t SURE. We’re sure on this one…..” (Oh you didn’t get the one you looked at on camera before????)

Kate said she needs a change, a bigger house, a “forever house” and they are doing it for the kids because they “deserve it” (they should as much as trained seals they are) and that they just need space.

The kids start asking for pets and a playhouse. Spoiled much?

I am sure this “forever” house is the 1.3M homestead touted on the net. It should be a forever house- will take them that long to pay for it.

As a personal observation, Kate seemed to be a bit thick in the middle on the couch convos….. Too much of the good life Kate? And that goes for your enhanced tits as well.

Of course all the kids “had a question” (cough *scripted*). One kid forgot and Kate said “should I come back to you?” Of course, while a crew member coaches her to “remember”. Kate forgot how big the house was. “Bigger than this one” was her answer…. Lackluster response. Lackluster episode. At least we know the kids have security now for all their haaaard work. *yawn*'s Stargazing reports on Mady Debauchle

From the Stargazing section of

"......How dare he

Back on Dec. 18, Jarett Wieselman of posted a list of his 10 most useless TV characters. Mohinder Suresh of “Heroes” was his No. 1, but No. 10 was Mady Gosselin from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Mady is one of the twins in that TLC reality show about a family with eight very young children. Wieselman suggested Mady’s behavior will “make anyone consider sterilization” and “she possesses every quality — selfish, egocentric, whiner — that parents would use genetic testing to eradicate if it were an option.”

The responses from readers have been rolling in ever since. Just a few samples:

•“Mady Gosselin is a real child, not a TV character, and for an adult to write such vicious comments is beyond despicable. You should tear into Mady’s mother, Kate Gosselin, for letting her child’s behavior be shown on national TV. Anything for a buck, right Kate?”

•“Mady is forced to perform in a goldfish bowl, and she obviously does not want to perform any longer, but her parents could care less. They want $$$$ more than they care about their own children.”

•“If I were Mady I would be doing anything to get the attention of someone who would LISTEN TO MEEEEE for once, too, someone who could make the cameras go away. (Her) greedy lazy parents are to blame, and they should be the No. 1 most useless people on your list.”

Of course, not everybody was outraged. One person wrote “crybabies, the lot of you. Mady stinks on ice.”

Friday, January 2, 2009

Picking on Mady or the truth?

From Popwrap

Mady Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8"Easily the most controversial inclusion because she's a child on a reality show that didn't ask to be filmed. But anyone who watches "J&KP8" will attest that Mady's made them consider sterilization.

She possess every quality - selfish, egocentric, whiner, not a joiner - that parents would use genetic testing to eradicate if it were an option. But considering J&K have eight kids, they should feel lucky only one bares the mark of the beast.

I believe the writer is accurate in that JK8 is a television show, therefore, Mady is a character and she does exhibit these characteristics (regarless of whose fault they are). Whether she is useless or not, I don't know. She would certainly liven it up for a while, until her qualities listed above grated on my every nerve.

The Anti-GWOP site is outraged that Popwrap would include a child in anything negative-- Hollywood anyone? Her comments that the brief mention was "vile and disgusting" and "tasteless" and she couldn't understand why " include a CHILD in it?" (So it's ok by her to wham on adults, just not tots!)

Miss "Anti" has a broken heart over the whole two paragraphs. Calling the author of the article "a pathetic writer". Pot and kettle anyone? I loved that she took her complaint to the NY Post and is expecting an apology. Perhaps it is still the season of miracles.

She ends her rant with a comment that she needs to "cleanse" herself. Mmmm- OK.

The most disturbing part is that she states "...I am including some posts I wrote for Mady that you can read HERE and HERE. WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU!" How stalkerish is that?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all!

As I've counted my blessings over the last 24 hours, I wanted to offer my best wishes for the new year to everyone. 2009 is going to be a great year for me and I hope for all of you as well. On a snarky sidenote, I hope 2009 brings more snark for us from the Gosselins.

What's hot and not in 2009 (aka Bye Gosselins!!)

From the Washington Post-- it reports that the Gosselins are "spent" versus the Duggars "saved". She ranks with $5000 call girls and shoplifting as "spent". Read into it what you will!

The Gosselin's blaspheme in the Charlotte Observer

I thought God said lying was bad.... apparently not for the Gosselins who claim to have a strong faith in him. I am sure Kate "trusts God" (aka adores the almighty dollar).

From the Charlotte Observer

In chaos of house with 8 kids, God's in control
Gosselins say their faith makes it possible to deal with 8-year-old twins and 4-year-old
By Ashly Mcglone
Religion News Service
Posted: Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

Jon and Kate Gosselin are the co-authors of "Multiple Blessings," which details the role their faith plays in raising two sets of multiples. Photo courtesy of Zondervan.

Anyone who has watched “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on TLC has seen Jon and Kate Gosselin attempt to create some semblance of order and peace in a house of eight energetic kids – a set of 8-year-old twins and a set of 4-year-old sextuplets.

The Gosselins' book, “Multiple Blessings,” highlights their test of faith as they faced infertility, the birth of their twins, Cara and Mady, and their sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. Kate, 33, grew up in a non-denominational church, and Jon, 31, was raised Catholic. The family now attends an Assembly of God church.

Q: Anyone watching your house on TV might describe it as controlled chaos, yet your kids are remarkably polite. How do you instill values in your kids?
Jon and I are not always perfect displays of that. I don't think any parents are. I get a million requests a day of “Mommy fill my cup!” And I won't fill it until they say “Please, Mommy, will you fill my cup?”

Q: What do you do to talk to your kids about faith or God?
Jesus, God, he's in everything. The kids will say “Who made that?” and I'll say “Jesus made it.” So now the kids walk around the house saying, “Jesus made my shirt. Jesus made this house.” They're at this fun age where they know when they're afraid of the dark that Jesus is there to protect them.

Q: When you set out to have kids, you wrestled with infertility. What did you say to God?
I was busy trying to control my own life. I knew God was there controlling it but I had trouble owning it. I was trying to do it on my own. But, by God's grace, I got pregnant. I hadn't learned the lesson I think he had wanted me to learn.
The second (pregnancy) was too big for us. I try to control everything – you know that if you watch our show – but I am not in control. God is, and he's there.

Q: You say in the book that you relied on science to treat the infertility, but had to place your
faith in “the sovereign plans of an almighty God.” What did that experience teach you?
It taught me that these things can work, but the bottom line is God. Science can only do so much. The outcome is God's decision.…

Q: First you had twins, and then sextuplets. So God must have a really funny sense of humor.
People joked that way. The way I look at it, many people learn experiences through horrible, horrible things, but God chose babies to teach us ours.

Q: On those days when eight kids are driving you absolutely nuts, what do you ask God for?
Obviously patience, but you're never supposed to pray for patience. …

Q: Do you have a favorite Bible verse that helps you get through the crazy days?
Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 40:31 – the one that says those who hope in the Lord will run and not grow weary. Unending strength, that's what I need.

Q: Some viewers might be shocked by the honesty you show in your marriage, and in the book you describe it at as a “thin crust of ice on a frozen pond.” How has your faith helped you keep it together?
It's the reason we are still together. Stress, as much as it can pull you apart, can also pull you together. Thank God that he pulled us together.
Even though you can see Jon and I be gruff and grouchy with each other, he's the only one that's been there from the beginning. At the end of the day he's the only one who really understands.

Q: If there was one lesson that you hope your kids would carry with them the rest of their lives, what would it be?
All of them: God is in control. Trust him.