Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old-New Rumor: Kate's Preggers!

Once again the dirt is that based on her appearance in "Soup and a Surprise", Kate's pregnant. You be the judge, she does look worn out, her chin seems to be retaining water, her boobs are gynormous and her belly looks really chubby.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Damned both ways?

After the episode "Soup and a Surprise", folks on the net have been either declared how much they enjoy the show or how dull it is. Over the last few months (non)fans have been debating this issue.

I found it lackluster and staged, however, people who enjoy the show are left wondering, "Will the haters never stop? They asked for simple days and when they get them, they say the show is boring."

I don't believe the problem is so much that TLC shows simple times (like in Soup and a Surprise). The problem is that these times are perceived as fake, staged, and completely unrealistic. Especially with the impending move to the $1.3M home. Plus, some of the comments made (by Kate) were not well received. The kids deserving the house, the house being bigger than the one they have. At face value, these comments are harmless, but coupled with the way Kate is portrayed in the media, online (yes, my blog too)-- makes these episodes dull, because we are either seeing a real family that is unpleasant or we aren't seeing the true Gosselin family. What kind of reality TV are either of these options?