Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap: Beach and Kitchen Reveal

Stress relief beach vacation-- that's what Kate said.

Still at Bald Head, the kids are losing their mind. Jon was busy putting in the kitchen for the kids’ house.

I wonder if the bacon, eggs and sausage were organic. She had a shitload of bacon for the kids and the kids got ONE PIECE of each. Kate said that when she was pregnant she ate bacon for the high calories and fat to grow the babies. Surely she could have found something healthier…..

Kate whined that she packed alone and she was alone with the kids. That was a lie. She had a production crew and a friend, nanny, bodyguard to help.

I still say this whole Jon and Kate drama may just be a set up. She seems way too calm about not being around someone she is supposed to love.

This episode was basically a repeat of the first. They went into the water, ate, went to the water. Collin drank water out of a bucket. Freak.

Kate claims she was an actress as a kid and she sees Cara and Mady doing the same. I think they are annoying.

Jon managed the mismeasuring of the cabinets. The kids painted themselves with pudding.
Jon said the twins came back on a Sunday and he took care of them. Jon has a huge bald spot.:)
The rest of the kids went to a place where Kate held a snake. Kate swears they love to travel and they are comfortable with it. She said she ignores the p-people. But sometimes they follow them and the security will “strike a deal” to get the shots for the p-people and have the p-people leave you alone. So they looked at snakes. Kate squealed like a stuck pig when she held the snake.

Then it was home. Kate kept saying she was making memories and not wallowing in her marriage grief. Whatever, Kate.

Jon got a good dig in on Kate by saying it was good she was gone so she didn’t yell about it being messy and dirty. Nice. She said she was crabby because she drove through the night and the last two weeks were stressful. Hello? She just said a million times it was relaxing. She also admitted she didn’t seem grateful because she was bitchy at the time.

Such a stimulating show. yawn.

Sure you aren't doing the bodyguard!

Take a cozy look at these two shopping.....

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College funds- the truth comes out!

Now we know according to Kate that the kids have college funds. In this interview, she pretty much blows smoke but she admits the children have "substantial college funds". Well, at least they get something out of the whole deal! A house and an education. We'll see in the tell all books if it's true.