Monday, June 22, 2009

6/22 Houses and Big Changes

While I clean up the play by play- chew on what Radar Online had to say about tonight.

Somber opener with Jon and Kate being cryptic about the announcement.

The kids got the crooked houses that we’ve seen since the start of the season. You can get them from a company in Maine. They are designed to look like a kid built them. It is whimsical but stupid. It would be better for the kids to really build them (granted these kids are too small but then… getting 4 houses at once is extravagant.

Jon clears out the back for them. He said he cleared it out in Winter. Then why are the leaves on the trees? He says the process is “a man thing” (or so he’s been told).

Kate is worried about putting them in the woods. The kids can’t be out there alone and if three want to play and three don’t then it is an issue. So they got put on the lawn. Kate talks about how BIG her property is. Yes, Kate, the kids deserve it. She actually said “He wanted to put them in the woods… and I let that go for a while.” Jon wanted them in the woods out of the p-people’s camera. Kate was sure they would NEVER get to play in their crooked houses. She’s so dramatic. “He wants them down there and sometimes you have to change your plans for what the kids want….I’m going out on a limb and risking World War III, but I’m putting them up here.”

After the break, Kate said she didn’t want to rock the boat and start an argument so she told the guy that only Mady and Cara were in the woods and the other kids were going in a grove. Good for Mady and Cara. They get to go away from Kate and share confidences. Jon said they were going to be in the woods. Period. The house guy convinced Jon that the houses would be better closer to the big house. Too bad for Mady and Cara. The kids got free tshirts from the company.
While the houses go up, the kids run races in the front yard. In front of the p-people. Jon whined about everyone having a picnic and bitched about putting his dogs away. Kate asked if everyone wanted something and after everyone said yes, she said sorry, we can’t because there are only 5.

What a bitch.

Then they start in with the drama. “It doesn’t matter where Jon and I are in our relationship; my kids are all that matters. If I have to put a happy face on, I do…..blah blah blah. Did I ever think I’d be in this situation or position? But I can still have a picnic. How can you not smile when you see those faces?

Jon: Yeah Kate and I haven’t been communicating. Building crooked house and doing everything for our kids.

Kate: I have become hard and crass and jaded. It is my survival mechanism. If I have to pull this ship on my own I will and I will survive. *Yawn* we know the truth Kate. This is the REAL you. You’re saying Jon is abandoning you. Look at the bright side. Now you and Steve can screw with abandon.

Mady and Cara hammed for the cams. Way too much. Mady was happy her name was spelled write. She wants to be a vet.

Let’s just be honest—how long are these houses going to last? Three little ones in one now is a full house. Waste.of.time.and.freebie. (But I will say that the haunted house was awesome)

Kate bitched that it was “somewhat daylight” when the crooked houses were done. Then they talked about furnishing them. Kate said she wasn’t sure she could get outside furniture for them but she could get inside. Come on, Kate. Isn’t Little Tykes banging down your door?
The kids played in the houses and the owner of the Crooked House company was nice to the kids.

Kate claims she doesn’t have conversations with Jon and that day was rough behind the scenes (bonus material). Jon has anger towards her and he won’t discuss it with her “and that’s the truth”. He just won’t talk. When he has a “couple minute conversation” she has a “window” into his world. She said he doesn’t know what he want s or understands the repercussion of his actions.

Jon: We’re spending quality time with each of the kids. (Not a word about the situation. Heaping helping of denial.)

More kids playing. Yawn.

Then comes the Crooked House commercial and endorsement from J & K.


Jon: I don’t hate Kate, but you know.

Kate: We haven’t known where we’re going but we’ve been dealing with this for a long time.

Jon: I have to do what is best for me and my kids.

So they come back from break and whine about how horrible their world is and how the p-people harass them when people are dying in Iraq. He said they are only interested in what he eats for lunch. No, Jon they are interested in whom you’re keeping company with. Jon said with defiance he was too passive and “let her rule the roost and do whatever she wanted to do and went along with everything.” And he has now stood up on his own two feet and he’s proud.

Kate: It’s the next chapter. Not a chapter brought on by the show or caused by the career choices. I believe it is a chapter that would have played out with or without the world watching.

Jon: I don’t know how it’s going to play out I am looking for friendship with Kate and I have nothing with her. It is like it is two people living here.

Kate: While I’ve had a rough few days….I’m facing the music and what needs to happen. And while I had half a day where I let myself fall apart…by the time I woke up this morning, I had decided I need relief and turn the page.

Jon: It’s life. It’s a rollercoaster I don’t’ hate Kate but you know I have to do what is best for me and my kids. You know. Them first but uh it’s hard to talk about.

Kate: It’s a fork in the road. Goals are different. I don’t hate him- never have never will. He’s the father of my kids. They are great kids, the best.

Jon: I feel like I’ve lost a lot. I will do anything for my kids. (Then keep your dick in your pants.)
Kate: I am tired of smiling on the outside and I’m tired. I don’t want to do this alone. (You’ve never done it alone, Kate. You’ve always had help. Too bad you’ve ostracized your family. They could have helped.

Jon: It’s day by day for me.

Then Jon is asked to fill in everything. Kate and John are separating. Not good for arguing. Can’t be cordial. Kate isn’t fond of the idea but it is necessary because she wants peace for the kids.
Jon: The kids will live in THEI HOUSE and Kate will live in it when it is her days and Jon will be there when it is their day.

Kate: It is their house and their security and land for them. It will be hard for them, not what she wanted and it is very difficult. It will be the best and most peaceful for them.

Jon: It is a shame, I will always love her as the mother of their kids.

Kate: We’re not running away, we’re living separate lives and coming back to live as a family. (What the fuck planet is she from?)

Kate: Lots of happiness in past- hope it continues. We’ll find happiness in here somewhere. We’ve always done the show for the kids to provide for them and collect the memories for themselves.

Then comes the montage—coming a long way.

What do you remember the most about the earlier shows? More hearts and flowers. Oddly enough Jon loved Hawaii- no mention of the reaffirming of vows. A lot of fond memories of filming. Jon. He will be in the show, separately.

How does the show go on- per Kate the show must go on. Kate will do everything with the kids as normal.

Jon said he could be offered a job and that would change the whole schedule. LMAO

Kate is worried how they failed will affect their kids. You should have thought about it. Suck it up bitch.

Kate doesn’t want to be alone or do it alone. DUH YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAVE HAD HELP.

Jon is hurt. Not a great communicator. He has a new chapter. He is 32. He doesn’t know what is going to happen.

Kate said that if she focuses on the good and positive she’ll be fine. New beginning. Will do the things she didn’t think at one time she could do. We can’t go back now- only forward. Going to learn a lot and we’ll come out on the other side stronger, better, wiser, stronger pull together in strange way and bond and unite and realize together we can do anything.

Shot of “On Monday 6/22 legal proceedings were initiated in PA to dissolve the 10 year marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin. “ (Yes, yes, yes. One step closer to the show’s demise.)

Then oddly, they all went out to fine dining brunch. WTF? They faked the kids taking laundry upstairs.

Kate whined about holidays and she will always have them on holidays. She provides peace to see them on holidays. Handle birthdays and holidays in a way that she can always be with them. (Good luck with that Kate. A judge will tell you what to do.)

Jon said it was raining and Kate said no it was RAINING.

Jon said they both want them on holidays but like it’s so fresh and new on our decision. We don’t know. We make joint decisions and decisions for our kids together (LMAO)

Cara had to read the ORGANIC menu.

I wonder if that is when they told them about dad leaving. Why didn’t they ask the kids about the decision?

Again with the bibs.

Jon: Communication is the most important.

Kate: Maybe the only thing I can look forward to is resolution and peace.
Jon is going to miss seeing the kids after school. Things change. For the better. But Jon doesn’t believe it-he not gotten there yet.

Kate: While no one is perfect I have done my best to keep our family together and to make my kids lives happy- look at who they are and who they will become. Want them to be best that they can be.

Jon: When I am around them we don’t think of our relationship we think of kids. Maybe our relationship will become friendship or whatever. What the kids to understand why and what we did for them and showing them that we love them. That it will be ok.

Kate: It is renewing the commitment to the kids. Turn the page new chapter. (What does that even mean?)

The way I see it, this marriage has been over for months. Jon has seriously checked up- months ago. Kate has been ramping up for this- months ago. Steve is missing because she is going through a divorce. I think the divorce is the real deal but I think these two are horrible for prostituting the kids through this on TV.

This show is no longer about raising sextuplets and twins. It is all about Jon and Kate. The kids are ancillary to any plot in this series. I am tired of seeing the unlikely events that they portray. The average family doesn’t have disposable income to buy so many cars, acreage and toys (even though a lot is given to the family in the form of freebies). Jon and Kate need to stop the show. I still maintain that Jon likes the spotlight. He just wants it on his terms, which he is kind of getting. I hope the p-people get some really good dirt on them.

Pre-Announcement Roundup

Sorry for the slow posts, but I am on a writing assignment that requires a lot of on site coverage.

CNN: Reality Bites of J & K An article about the situation to date- the author writes about narcissism.

TMZ: Reports DIVORCE papers were filed today. They are also saying Jon is moving to NYC.

People: Reports divorce papers filed.

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