Monday, January 12, 2009

Rumor squashed- freebies abound

Back on 12/20, I reported a rumor that Jon and Kate were going to be spokespeople for Horizon Organic. On 12/24 (yes, I am behind on email), I received the following confirming a relationship with the Gosselins, as well as the expected freebies- but no "formal" spokesperson position.

"Thank you for your recent e-mail to Horizon Organic. We appreciate your interest in our products.

There is no formal agreement or contract between the Gosselin family and Horizon Organic. In the past, we've provided the family with Horizon Organic product to use as they wished, and we appreciate the family's support of our brand. Thanks again for contacting the Consumer Affairs Department. "

Sincerely,Celeste Muela
Consumer Response Representative
Ref: N857559

1/12 All Smiles

They are running out of things to do shows on. It isn't like their kids have anything out of the ordinary going on- it is all about the quantity of kids, not the issues surrounding them. Every kid goes to a dentist of orthodontist. Oh well, so here we go-- cue the shite music....

Kate immediately gets bitchy with the kids making noise. And then the chosen child is called Muffy now. Again with the yelling and screaming in the dentist chair.

And even though these kids have the motor skills.... the parents still brush teeth....... but even so, Mady has crappy teeth (according to Kate).

As Kate sat, stumbling over words, the chosen child waved to the camera and then abruptly stopped as though she was breaking the spell of TV by acknowledging the camera's presence-- what will happen when she has no one to which to wave? But the dream did not go on forever. All knowing Kate "criticized" the dentist for not having up to date books. They still go to Dr. Gosselin's old practice. Wonder if it's free..... Kate whimped about the kids actually doing something for themselves-- having conversations with adults (what do you expect Kate, when they aren't around anyone but themselves?) and picking flavors (a-duh). And the chosen child on the confessional couch gets a special kiss....

We've learned yet another new word from Kate-- are-ange. For us simple folk that would be orange. Of course we had more special couch moments between Kate and the chosen child. The kids seemed to get good reports-- yeah, cause the parents are doing the brushing. But basically the back and the front teeth needed help-- all of them. Kate took credit for it all, although she told Jon what he needed to improve upon when he brushed the kids teeth (whilst she gets liquored up no doubt).

Then it was on to the orthodontist. The twins went in for teeth issues..... of course right off the bat, Kate said she'd have problems with Mady at the doctor. But of course she did mention that the kids have "numerous friends in the classroom" (not allowed at home) who have gone to the orthodontist. Again, it is a family friend orthodontist- more freebies!

Cara went first, then Mady for Xrays. While Katie Irene reminenced about her braces day, she just wanted to know if her mouth looked thinner..... whatever, drama queen. (Notice that Kate has on very, very baggy pants and this week, the tummy is covered.) Kate teased unmercifully about what work Mady would need done. Nothing like torturing your child while the chosen child giggles in approval - and you encourage her!

Back to the twins. Mady has a crossbite and is left-handed! Of course when the orthodontist said she needed to do better......... I loved the doctor saying they put in 8 chairs just for Kate--- I don't think the dr. liked Kate. Good for the doctor!

Mady said she doesn't like her teeth. Kate had to say that the doctor had to spend lots of time reviewing Mady's pics. Mady gets a retainer or braces- Cheap Kate went for the braces.

Cara doesn't get braces until around twelve- if then.

Jon had to criticize Mady's smile. At least Kate said she'd have a pretty smile again. Wow. Who scripted that?!

New: I Plead Eight (IP8) Monday

As a new feature (for anyone who is interested-- may just be me!), I'll be featuring an "I Plead Eight" Monday in honor of our favorite golddigging family.

How it works is you get a free pass for anything you've done on Monday that might otherwise be considered shady or otherwise wrong.

I'll start it up--- my IP8 moment was clamoring so sweetly to my writer/editor to finish up editing a 200 page document that I already spent 10 hours this weekend editing. And giving her a 4 hour deadline. It had been her responsibility to begin with and she didn't do it. I got it to a certain point and gave her the most tedious parts to finish.

Dirty Disher gets it right!

From the Dirty Disher comes a ring of truth concerning the Gosselin kids in "What I know about the Gosselin kids from watching TV". Definitely worth a read, but if you haven't time, here is a quick synopsis:

Alexis: "disturber", "controller", generally a bad influence and fodder for pedophiles.
Joel: "Clueless" and "dirty" whiner.
Hannah: suck up and "smarty pants" -- and why!
Collin: Organized, droopy-eyed, big-headed child with fluid bowels.
Mady: "Mean and ugly" and smart as hell
Cara: Often seeming "stunned" with a nervous tick, she's under the radar b/c she doesn't "cause Kate problems."
Leah: Allowed Hannah sleeping privs but not really a favored one.
Aaden: A constipated, dirty professor