Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26 The New House

This episode was so surreal. The production company took great pains to hide the fact that this was the $1.3M spread--- until very late in the show. The whole idea that they took the kids to the house and let them run around while Kate cleaned a fridge, which she said she didn't know was going to take so much work, was also surreal.

Actually, this episode really seemed like a "take that" to the folks that don't like the Gosselins (he he) and it was very stilted and awkward.

Here are the highlights:

One 'tup asks about the new house: How many dollars does it take? Kate: Lots. That's why mommies and daddies have to work.

Kate: Today is mommy's free day to do whatever she wants. (And we're supposed to believe she wanted to clean a fridge and take the kids to an empty house?)
Kate: "The kids are privileged, blessed to grow up there (new house). We need this house for them. "
Kate (bitching/threatening): "If you've overflowed the toilet, you're in trouble."

Kate: "Hannah breathlessly says 'Thank you, Mommy'" and Kate can justify her new pad.
Kate: The twins' room is far away from everyone, because they need privacy."

Hannie gets a private suite because she gets migraines. Didn't they say last week that Alexis was a disturber and she would have her own room?

The boys get rooms near the girl 'tups with their own bathrooms.

Kate got bitchy with the kids and Jon twice in the first 5 minutes... make that 3 times.

Mom and dad have no privacy.... so they get to their room and tell the kids to never get to come back in. They need to knock. Heaven forbid they are in danger and get hurt or killed because they are afraid to get in trouble by coming in the room without permission! We all know this rule is so Kate can sleep in as long as she wants while the kids buddy up and have jurisdictions. Wait, wrong show....

Whew! I blacked out for a bit and came to when they were oohing over a dead mouse. I thought I was still dreaming when I found Kate arranging and cleaning her kitchen. Now I know it was a set up! Which brings up a point-- she said it was a filthy house, yet she was walking barefoot. Wasn't she the one who bitched about hotel room floors being so filthy and she wouldn't walk barefoot?

And again with the pooping boys. Now Kate can yell through the house and scream for others (Cara) to wipe her kids. She raps on the window and tells Jon to come in because she needs help. She cleans a moldy fridge (for 4 hours) although her old one goes with the Andrews Ave house. Oh, right-- it has the wood look the the front-- only the best will do for our Katie Irene!

I do love the idea of how much dirt will be tracked into the house. Perhaps we'll see a return to the classic Kate. Probably not- undoubtedly they will have a full blown maid.

Kate: "All mine, all mine as far as I can see. We needed this very badly. Yeah." Karma is a bitch Kate, much like you, and it will come back to visit you.

And where is Jon this whole time? Outside probably wanking in the barn or having a tryst with his trainer.

One of the most precious moments was when Mady kicked the living shit out of (I think) Leah for being in her room. Ahhh, think of the bonding days to come!

She finished the day already bitching about how much work the big house is--- oh and at 9:28 pm she says "there is acreage" so the children can "disperse for privacy".

It is so nice that they had so much hardship they were able to overcome through the kindness of family and strangers. Now they're livin' large. Hope they can make the property tax payment!