Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all!

As I've counted my blessings over the last 24 hours, I wanted to offer my best wishes for the new year to everyone. 2009 is going to be a great year for me and I hope for all of you as well. On a snarky sidenote, I hope 2009 brings more snark for us from the Gosselins.

What's hot and not in 2009 (aka Bye Gosselins!!)

From the Washington Post-- it reports that the Gosselins are "spent" versus the Duggars "saved". She ranks with $5000 call girls and shoplifting as "spent". Read into it what you will!

The Gosselin's blaspheme in the Charlotte Observer

I thought God said lying was bad.... apparently not for the Gosselins who claim to have a strong faith in him. I am sure Kate "trusts God" (aka adores the almighty dollar).

From the Charlotte Observer

In chaos of house with 8 kids, God's in control
Gosselins say their faith makes it possible to deal with 8-year-old twins and 4-year-old
By Ashly Mcglone
Religion News Service
Posted: Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

Jon and Kate Gosselin are the co-authors of "Multiple Blessings," which details the role their faith plays in raising two sets of multiples. Photo courtesy of Zondervan.

Anyone who has watched “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on TLC has seen Jon and Kate Gosselin attempt to create some semblance of order and peace in a house of eight energetic kids – a set of 8-year-old twins and a set of 4-year-old sextuplets.

The Gosselins' book, “Multiple Blessings,” highlights their test of faith as they faced infertility, the birth of their twins, Cara and Mady, and their sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. Kate, 33, grew up in a non-denominational church, and Jon, 31, was raised Catholic. The family now attends an Assembly of God church.

Q: Anyone watching your house on TV might describe it as controlled chaos, yet your kids are remarkably polite. How do you instill values in your kids?
Jon and I are not always perfect displays of that. I don't think any parents are. I get a million requests a day of “Mommy fill my cup!” And I won't fill it until they say “Please, Mommy, will you fill my cup?”

Q: What do you do to talk to your kids about faith or God?
Jesus, God, he's in everything. The kids will say “Who made that?” and I'll say “Jesus made it.” So now the kids walk around the house saying, “Jesus made my shirt. Jesus made this house.” They're at this fun age where they know when they're afraid of the dark that Jesus is there to protect them.

Q: When you set out to have kids, you wrestled with infertility. What did you say to God?
I was busy trying to control my own life. I knew God was there controlling it but I had trouble owning it. I was trying to do it on my own. But, by God's grace, I got pregnant. I hadn't learned the lesson I think he had wanted me to learn.
The second (pregnancy) was too big for us. I try to control everything – you know that if you watch our show – but I am not in control. God is, and he's there.

Q: You say in the book that you relied on science to treat the infertility, but had to place your
faith in “the sovereign plans of an almighty God.” What did that experience teach you?
It taught me that these things can work, but the bottom line is God. Science can only do so much. The outcome is God's decision.…

Q: First you had twins, and then sextuplets. So God must have a really funny sense of humor.
People joked that way. The way I look at it, many people learn experiences through horrible, horrible things, but God chose babies to teach us ours.

Q: On those days when eight kids are driving you absolutely nuts, what do you ask God for?
Obviously patience, but you're never supposed to pray for patience. …

Q: Do you have a favorite Bible verse that helps you get through the crazy days?
Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 40:31 – the one that says those who hope in the Lord will run and not grow weary. Unending strength, that's what I need.

Q: Some viewers might be shocked by the honesty you show in your marriage, and in the book you describe it at as a “thin crust of ice on a frozen pond.” How has your faith helped you keep it together?
It's the reason we are still together. Stress, as much as it can pull you apart, can also pull you together. Thank God that he pulled us together.
Even though you can see Jon and I be gruff and grouchy with each other, he's the only one that's been there from the beginning. At the end of the day he's the only one who really understands.

Q: If there was one lesson that you hope your kids would carry with them the rest of their lives, what would it be?
All of them: God is in control. Trust him.