Monday, March 9, 2009

3/9 Trip to the Vet

The Gosselin German Shepard puppies, Nala and Shooka, are growing rapidly. Though they hardly resemble puppies anymore, they're still as curious as can be! But too much curiosity causes an unexpected visit to the vet for one of them.



· Kate’s house is too small and loud.
· Joel was the chosen scapegoats this time around; Hannah was forgiven/overlooked

· The dogs are tired of being in the house.
· Kate is tired of the dogs.
· Jon is tired of Kate and wiping butts.

This episode starts with Kate bitching about it being too loud in her kitchen (which is twice the size of her last one). Joel wants his game and Kate calls him “obsessive-ish” because he swears it was left “at the old house”.

Kate readily lets us all know she already hates the dogs from taking care of them to cleaning up after them to having them breathe in the same space as Katie Irene. She claims with pure hatred in her eyes that they ran with her on the treadmill and “I won!” Whatever blows your skirt up, Kate.

We see the kids cleaning up the dog pee—I wonder if they wash their hands afterwards or just spread the joy amongst the toys and each other.

We return to Kate who is busy catching up her laundry from all her many trips. She declares that the laundry room isn’t big enough. Her baskets are always outside the laundry room (which is as big as a bedroom). She plans on expanding it to a deck and an enclosed sunroom.

On the way back to the kitchen, Kate had the nerve to tell Leah to stop “melting down” and breezed past the child to “save the world”. (No, I’m not kidding!) For lunch, the kids had hard boiled eggs and yogurt (where are the ORGANIC veggies?) and they took naps. (Is it really necessary?!)

Turning the talk to dogs, we hear Jon and Kate laughing about all the bad things they do. Instead of teaching dogs not to do bad things, they just think it’s funny.

We reach the climax of the show. Nala already ate a toy horse and was sent to the vet. Hannah was put on the spot because it was her horse the dog ate- did she get punished? No. The kids were told to let Nala rest for 2 weeks. Jon said the dog was one of the fastest recovering dogs the vet had ever seen. Whatever. Jon couldn’t have looked more disinterested in the vet’s office. It was obviously for show. Jon seemed to have the hangover cough and sported a very ruddy complexion.

The final words of wisdom from this (yawn) episode: Jon (speaking of Nala): “I can’t keep her from running around- they are outside dogs.”

We were entertained by Jon’s story about the dogs pooping together. He doesn’t clean the dog turds outside everyday. So people can step in them and play in them. Kate ragged on Jon for not cleaning. Jon said he loved having doges and Kate said she was glad he didn’t have to clean the poop. Jon said very nastily that he was so tired of cleaning butts.