Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New blog by an insider: Christian Closet Case?

You be the judge-- is this for real or is this PennMommy part 2?

Christian Closet Case

We have lots of Gosselin Joy!

First, let's just be clear. Even though the kids are suffering, the show must go on. I seriously think that filming has NEVER stopped.

Moving on to the other media..... Check out a PA couple with 12 kids... they have reality all under control. Picking your veggies for dinner and making do with a really old minivan. That's reality.

Let's all cry a bucket of tears for Cunt Kate. Cunt Gosselin's clothing line is COMPLETELY on hold. Finally!

And cry a few for Jon.... his Ed Hardy clothing line seems to be on hold. BWHAHAHAHAHA. But the fun part was that Jon was going to do a kid's clothing line...... prostituting the kids as much as Kate.

Does the weekend press have anything to do with this? Apparently, Hailey was a bit of a slut in college, giving it away to anyone who would have it anywhere. She and Jon seem to be inseperable and seem to love smoking a lot. Hailey is reportedly pissed about the whole idea that she is being portrayed a drunken slut.

Glimpses of this week's hotter news:
Life and Style writes about Kate being 'forced out of her house". I thought it was all for the kids?
US Magazine: Kate wears her ring and a fugly hat while pumping....gas.
InTouch says that Kate is heartbroken over Steve.

More to come!