Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matt Lauer skewers Jon and kate


Don't know about schoolmates talking, but here are the yearbook pics!

Radar Online has some shots of Kate in her former glory as a student.

See pictures.

Explains a lot about her. She was one ugly kid. And loved sporting that mcnasty hairdo all the way back to when she was a senior. Probably why she has to try and be beautiful outside now. And failing miserably.

New vid

Octo-Mom Slams Kate at RadarOnline. I mean really catty slamming-hystrionic, "she's the expert?", "she's judgemental- that happens to people with less education". Aside from this, Octo-Mom has a lot of her own issues and seems a bit stoned in the video.

US Magazine tracking Jon and Deanna in Utah on Kate's birthday

Come on TLC- 'fess up. You just covered up Jon's affair with candy coating.

Us Magazine is reporting that the Utah trip that fell on Kate's birthday was really a chance for Jon to screw his mistress in posh surroundings.

The Evangelicals are beginning to get it.

Christianity Today has an insightful article about the Greedy Gosselins and how they are no longer a role model for Christianity. Highlights below.

"...Of all the viewers who followed the Gosselins, evangelicals were among the most faithful. Jon and Kate's refusal to resort to "selective reduction" when they found themselves pregnant with sextuplets, their membership in an Assemblies of God church, and their Isaiah 40:31 T-shirts all helped to make them icons of evangelical piety. Churches from across the country clamored to be added to their speaking tours. In the last two years the vast majority of Jon and Kate's presentations took place at Christian conferences or at evangelical churches, most often Baptist, nondenominational or charismatic....If they noticed that Jon and Kate's family and friends—most notably Aunt Jodi and Beth—were, one by one, being estranged from the family (reportedly over financial disputes), it did not stop believers from looking to this couple for inspiration on how to be a good Christian family....Then everything changed..."

"...That most evangelicals were satisfied to celebrate the end—six miraculous lives—rather than assess the morality of the means whereby those lives were created, betrays the thinness of evangelical reflection on reproductive ethics..."

"...As fellow Christians, we should have reminded the Gosselins that life is a gift to be received in gratitude, not something to be grasped, purchased, or sold. In many ways, the last four seasons of Jon & Kate Plus Eight is the story of a family that seemed to progressively lose sight of this truth. Of course, they had help along the way from TLC, from the show's producers, and not least of all, from their Christian viewers....When the first few episodes revealed the earning potential of this "everyday family," Jon & Kate Plus Eight became a brand name that was packaged and sold. And many Christians were happy to comply by opening up their wallets and their fellowship halls...."

"...It was not until the recent allegations of sexual impropriety arose that a significant number of Christians began to question whether Jon and Kate were indeed the examples of faithful living that we had imagined. Somehow most of us missed the long trajectory that was, day by day, moving them farther from a life of Christian virtue. Sexual immorality—whether actual or merely suspected—caught our attention, but the materialism, narcissism, and exploitation of children that preceded it was largely overlooked...."

"...As such, the breakdown of Jon and Kate's marriage is but a symptom of the larger weaknesses of ethics in the evangelical community. We are easily seduced by wealth and fame. We are easily contented by the shallow rhetoric of hot-button issues. In short, we are easily deceived by cultural values painted in Christian veneers (or clothed in Isaiah 40:31 T-shirts...The hope for us—and the hope of Jon and Kate—is to turn once again to the rich, complex, and difficult ethics of Jesus and to let those ethics form us into a more discerning people in the world. It is time that we look for role models who value self-sacrifice over material gain. It is time that we practice forgiveness and the healing of broken relationships and call fellow Christians to do the same. It is time that we take our own marriage vows seriously and hold our brothers and sisters to be true to their commitments as well. Most importantly, it is time that we develop a view of faith and life that is capable of asking deep questions and courageous enough to embody real answers. Then, and only then, will Christians have something to offer the world and something to offer Jon & Kate Plus Eight."