Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fox News & Scans: Kelly's Court: Can Jon get out of his contract?

More info on the Twatcicle and VD in the making.....

A video of Kelly's Court discusses options for Jon.

All this week's juicy juice scans, courtesy of "My Case against Kate Gosselin".

Thursday's Fodder: Kevin, Jodi, separate weekends and cookbook

Kevin and Jodi contend that Kate doesn't do housework. See the newest video at Radar Online.

The brother and sister-in-law of Jon & Kate Plus 8's Kate Gosselin, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, said that the reality TV mother has a history of skillfully manipulating others to do her work, in an exclusive interview that can only be seen at

"She always had [Kevin] do her chores, cause she hated to do chores," Jodi said. "And he just did em, sweet thing."

Kevin, who said he was especially close to Kate because of their closeness in age, characterized his sister as "type-A" personality -- with a penchant for telling other what to do.

"Kate was always good at delegating," he said. "When I was younger, I'd help her out, I'd do her chores for her ... she would always try to get me to do her share of the chores or part of the chores."

Jon and Kate didn't spend Memorial Day weekend together. Jon was getting drunk and skirting around. Kate was panting around with the kids. See the story at TMZ.

Us Mag tells us Kate's cookbook will be released Oct 13, 2009. People are already slamming her previously released recipes as unorginal and plagiarized from food products and websites. I believe that. This bitch can't write her way out of a plastic bag! Arts and Entertainment had this to say about Jon, his freebies and the end of the show (scroll down if you click the link):

E!'s Ted Casablanca spoke with Jason Hummel, brother of the alleged girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, and he said, "[Jon] is a liar, cuz he did cheat, and unfortunatley [sic] I had to hear him cheating."
"Him n Kate are just trying to save their show, which pays for their livelyhood [sic] by the way," Hummel wrote in a poorly spelled e-mail. "I would love for him to call me a liar on the show. As far as I'm concerned f--- Jon, Kate, my sister and TLC. I hope misfortune finds all of them in the near future."

Oh, that must be some nurturing environment for the children.
Life & Style, meanwhile, reports "Jon and Kate never came near each other," said an observer who witnessed a recent day's shooting. "The whole time the cameras were rolling, Jon looked really uninterested."

Jon's friend Brian Sep told Life & Style, "There have been some perks to the fame," including free trips, plastic surgery for Kate, clothes and, a custom-built motorcycle for Jon, but Jon seems to be rethinking the fame thing now that his cute little family show has morphed into a tabloid feeding frenzy.

"I think this will be the last season," Sep said. "Jon wants it to end."

(That makes two of us.)

But, "If [Jon] has a contract with TLC to do more seasons of the show, having marital problems with his wife wouldn't automatically let him out of it," entertainment lawyer Quinn Heraty told Life & Style.

Shouldn't it?

When, Tattle wonders, does TLC become culpable for its help in destroying a family? Being that it's far and away TLC's most popular show, will anyone at the network exhibit a willingness, at some point, to simply turn off the cameras and let these fame-created Frankensteins try to salvage . . . something.

Who would have figured when this intrusive show began that dealing with their eight kids would be the least of Jon and Kate's problems?