Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Enquirer reports Jon and Kate buy $1.3 M house!

Hello children! According to the 12/1 National Enquirer there is an article by Sarah Cordes that confirms Jon and Kate have purchased a $1.3M home.

While the rest of us are struggling, the Gosselins are living large in their new home and passing around a plate to collect "love offerings" (Cash under the table is easier to dispose of-- unless the churches/organizations are 1099ing them) AND they are still offering $20 photos.

According to the article, the G's don't talk about 'being broke' anymore, nor do they talk about a personal organic chef, nannies, housekeepers, a gardener and a personal assistants!

Still, one person quoted in the article said: "While they're not the struggling couple they were in the early days of their TV show, they're not really rich." and "one day the TV cameras will be gone and they'll be raising their family out of the spotlight. And with eight kids, their needs will be great."

Can anyone say "baaaaaaa" to the sheeple?